ThanksGiving in Japan

Happy Holidays!!!

Yes I am still in Japan and for the holidays to come. Been working hard these days but not without a little time for myself and for this special holiday that has arrived, THANKSGIVING!

Oddly enough in Japan this is a holiday weekend but not like America where everyone celebrates this special time to be with family and have a special dinner as we know.

Well despite this I made a Thanksgiving of my own, atleast for my sake and to appreciate all my family and friends that I have in the U.S. You are always in my thoughts especially during these times.

I think I did a good job!!! To my surprise (really) everything came out quite damn good! What is so weird though is that turkey is not widely availabe in Japan like the U.S. They have turkey deli style for sandwiches but finding a small turkey, or atleast a nice chunky part of a turkey is close to impossible, so I improvised with a small cornish hen as pictured above. Dont let the picutre fool you it fits in my toaster oven!

With this I have all of you in my prayers for a great holiday and I hope your holiday was as enjoyable as I could of done for myself in Japan!

With love always