Hey guys, it is that time. I know I have gone for a while and been ultra busy packing up my stuff. But the day is here where I go back HOME. As it stands My schedule is crazy. This past thursday the movers came and boxed the large items and packed ALL my stuff in a little truck parked outside. What sucks now is that for that night and the night after I will sleep on an air mattress. got a little burned out on the air mattress deal when I just got here so I am back at it again.

Nonetheless this post will be short and more details on the my travels will come soon. See you guys in AMERICA.

Home Sweet Home



Before I forget not sure if you checked the video section on the left of this blog but I posted some videos of the street fair we had in town. Taiko drummers.

Sorry for not posting the actual video player in the post, but you can simple click it on the left.



Yes its that time to make another blog. I just had my birthday this past 23rd of good ole July. It was great slightly a mixed bag of sorts for the day though. This is my last week in Japan and I have been sssssssooooooo busy trying to tie up loose ends close accounts and celebrate all at the same time, I have some pics hopefully I can post soon!!!! I am so in overdrive and paying the price for it now by going to bed early tonight (kind of.....LOL). None the less I am over the hill now turning the big 3 0!!!!! I cant believe it my self but I welcome it with open arms. Now that my time in Japan is over AND I am now 30. What a way to start the next chapter in my life at an age that can be redefining and now in a new country with I have always called home. America here I come!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails and e-cards to wish me the best for my birthday. It really means a lot to me that I recieved those from you, more than you. I know they were all heart felt especially during these times when communication is difficult being in a different country and all....... And of course but not least, to Mr. Luis for sending me an actual B-day card!!!! In fact if it was the lottery you would have the jackpot since you were the only one who actually went old school and perfectly timed the card's arrival just one day before my birthday (Japan time). Thanks

Another post coming soon with more details on my leaving, got to go back to packing .........

all the best