DC - Quick Look!

Had a great Labor day weekend. Just finished coming back from a "Exploratory Trip" in DC. Had a great time and found a great place to live all at the same time.

How was yours?



Solar Tech at its best!

Caught on candid camera while I was working the booth at one of the largest solar technology conventions in the USA.



Happy Fourth of July!!

Happy Fourth,   had a great 3-day weekend.....how was yours?   For me it was wonderful, decided to get some friends together for a BBQ at my house.  Turnout was awesome a little more than 10 folks which made the holiday a bust of excitment.

Of course all the fixin's were made, like pork and beef short ribs, mouth watering hot links and chicken in a chipotle marinade with lots of side dishes and dessert to complete.    I suspect everyone had a great time, and of course I had a great time getting friends together which I havent seen in quite while.

Have a safe holiday



Great video!

I had to show you this. This video is exactly how I feel about it all.......




Happy Memorial Weekend!!!

Hey whats up? How was your memorial weekend? This pic came out better than I thought so I thought I would show you how I enjoyed my Memorial weekend. I had taken a road trip over the weekend to Vegas for a house party, really a reunion of friends from around the country. It was a blast and of course was a great way to start the summer fun!

I want to give props to my buddy Keith for throwing an off da hook party! This picture was taken at a hotel resort I crashed out at in Vegas city, the Orleans. Perhaps I can get my hands on some pics to share.....



News for a change!

Got some major news and it involves my job......

Will be posting up some more info later when I things settle. For the most part things are hectic and a lot of changes are going on.....

Its the economy dammit!!!!



For Those of you who knew Peter A. Dowling

March 13, 1952 – April 26, 2010

Peter Dowling passed away peacefully at home in Hayward on Monday, April 26. His housemates and friends Mac and John were at his bedside comforting him as he took his last breaths. Recently, Peter had been bravely going through radiation and chemo treatments in hopes of slowing down the Stage Four lung cancer that took his life much too early at age 58. We thank the Kaiser medical staff, Vitas Hospice program, and Santos-Robinson Mortuary for their greatly appreciated assistance.

Peter will be very much missed by a host of friends, neighbors, and fellow workers at Level III in San Jose, where Peter was a highly valued worker for 15 years. He had a wonderful gift for making acquaintance with a wide range of people and showing the love and kindness in his heart by doing many things for others. At home on 4th Street, with boundless energy, he kept the garden blooming and the garage in remarkable order – his special domain and the site of many a fine party with friends.



Something New

Just wanted to let you know that I am now search-able on Google for more than just
an online profile.


I am very excited about this



9 Year Old Home Inspector (My Nephew)

I just thought I should share this video of my nephew inspecting my condo in AZ for me..... How cute!!!!