Spring is in the air!!!!

A cherry tree in blossom around these parts. I stopped in Tokyo for some fun and passed through a park which had trees in bloom among other things such as the palace and tribute to one of the Japanese Emperors in history.
Plus the statue just looks cool!!!
The stark contrast of concrete versus nature.
The Tokyo Imperial Palace (Kōkyo (皇居, Kōkyo?)) is the imperial palace of Japan and the residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and is close to Tokyo Station. It is roughly the size of Central Park, which has an area of 3.41 squared kilometers.
After the
Meiji Restoration and the resignation of Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last Tokugawa shogun, the Imperial court moved from Kyoto to Tokyo and the former Tokugawa stronghold of Edo castle became the residence of the emperor (the Kyoto Imperial Palace was preserved). From 1888 to 1948, it was called Kyūjō (宮城, "palace castle"). The palace precincts include the Three Palace Sanctuaries (Kyūchūsanden, 宮中三殿).

I found it!!!! I knew it was some where but I finally found Godzilla!!!!!!

The Tokyo Imperial Castle and park was a great experience, how amazing it is to find a hidden gem in such a big city as Tokyo!!!!
Spring forward and dont look back!!!!!LOL



Road Trip: Fukuroda Water Falls

The small township at the base of the waterfall.

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The Fukuroda Waterfalls are located at the upper stream of Taki River、 a tributary of Kuji River.The sheer immensity of the falls。、 120 meters in height and 73 meters in width

With a height of 120 meters and a width of 73 meters, the "Fukuroda Falls" are one of the most renowned, vast waterfalls in Japan. The waterfall is also known as "Yodo-no-Taki" (四度の滝) since it drops down over four cascades. It is also said that this other name came from a remark uttered by Saigyo-hoshi (a Buddhist priest and famous poet in the Heian era) when he visited this spot: "To appreciate the true tastes of this spot, one has to visit it in each of the four seasons." The falls offer their unique attractiveness in each season—tender greenery in spring, echoes of splashing sounds in summer, tinted leaves in autumn, and an entirely frozen waterfall in winter. Presumably, many literary artists or calligraphers were deeply impressed by such a variety of beauty that turns as do the four seasons.

A smaller falls locatted higher up as I started scaling the mountainside. The aire was very fresh and crispy but still sunny.

Higher in the trail were some stairs that led to the tip top of the mountain side with an awesome view of the surroundings land.

I found a temple with no one in sight, almost a little creepy to see a place so serene and quiet.

Coming down the other side of the mountain was thick with pine trees. It almost reminds me of a place in my country.

The road trip was nice and the day made out to be just the perfect weather for hiking and sightseeing!!!


My Aunt Millie

I have written about my Aunt Millie in a previous post about her passing away, and I wanted to share her memory with you. I have just received her obituary from my sister today. Written in the pamphlet is a memoir of her life and how she has come to be loved in our family greatly.....

Millicent Gladys Cadogan, affectionately known as "Aunt Millie" was born on March 1, 1920, in Belize City, Belize. She was the second youngest of seven children born to the late Joseph Nathaniel and Ina Gladys Cadogan.

Millicent accepted Christ at an early age. She was a member of the Methodist Church in Belize. She continued in dedicated service to the building of God's Kingdom till her death in April 21, 2008.

Millicent received her formal education in Belize City, Belize. In 1956 she was offered an opportunity to visit the USA with her best friend, Evadne Cacamore. Millicent advanced her education in the field of Nursing. She pursued her passion for helping and comforting others. Millicent retired from California Hospital and her passion was manifested as she comforted and cared for the needs of others. She enjoyed cooking and entertaining during the holidays, welcoming everyone and ensuring they were all comfortable and had plenty to eat.

Millicent Gladys Cadogan met and later married MacArthur Little on October 21, 1961. She was a dedicated wife, companion and confidant.

In the early 1960's she joined Hamilton United Methodist Church. Millicent was a devoted and active member. She attended worship regularly and engaged in stewardship and service. Among other things, she was a member of the United Methodist Women (UMW); Prayer and Bible Study Group and participated in the feeding of the homeless and the hungry on the fourth Saturday of each month. Millicent participated in the Summer Vacation Bible School. During her early years of membership, she was a member of the Sanctuary Choir. Millicent was active in many community organizations and auxiliaries, including the Trustee Board of the now defunct Caribbean and west Indies Credit Union.

Millicent was preceded in death by her husband, MacArthur Little; sisters, Loretta, Elsa, Rachel, Edith and brother James.

Her memory will be cherished by her beloved brother, the Rev. Dr. L. Claude Cadogan, Kingston, Jamaica; several nieces, nephews; relatives and friends.



Japanese Beyonce

Hope you like it!!!!



Hi-Tech Toilet Tutorial

This is a great video that I couldnt have explained any better myself!!!!