TDL: ==> Tokyo Disneyland!!!!

This post is a bit late but on June 13 it was a company holiday so as a last hurrah for a big trip, some of the co-workers mainly Morikawa-San, my teacher and trainer took me out to Tokyo Disneyland. it was great and here are some photos of the trip.
Here is my ticket it is all official. A group of five came to TDL for the day. We were so lucky because of all the rain during the week but today was a beautiful day, and quite warm, with not a cloud in the sky.
TDL is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, so it was even more of a special time to go. There were extra parades throughout the whole day, and severl memerabilia to commemorate 25 years of Disney in Japan. Despite the picture above ONLY Hitachi had a holiday this day (Friday) so the park was not that crowded. This was the best as all people who know who go to amusement parks are the long lines just to get on a ride, but using speed pass for the lines and not being crowded this day made the park that much more enjoyable.

Myself and Morikawa-San. It is actually hard to have these folks crack a smile so this picture was especially dripping with cheesy smiles!!!!

I was going for a sexy shot but someone had to stick their hand in the pic..........lol

Only in Japan do people leave baby carriages parked neatly in a row befre they step into stores. Take a close look at this picture above, there is a whole bunch of personal belongings left there with no one in sight watching................ the safety...... and honesty.,...... I will surely miss this about Japan!!!!!

Here is the castle a bit different from the one in USA but yet very large and magnificient.

Another post another day, more photos coming soon about TDL plus videos!!!!!!!



For youngsters only!!!!

I am sure you guys heard about this in the news about these high pitch noise makers that are made to scare away rodents and other creepy creatures from your home. Well the new version is supposed to fend of young folks from hanging around the front of your building or street corner. At first I didn't really buy into it until I accidentally came across a set of them. They actually work!!! Suppsedly it doesnt bother older folks due to not having as sensitive ears as the younger generation hence - the name "Teen Repellent" an average age of twenty somethings and younger can only here this thing. I will admit it is quite annoying and sounds like you have a bug buzzing inside your ear. After a minute I couldnt take it any more and left........

who knew?!?!?!?