Driving Tour

I am now on my driving tour from the Bay Area to L.A. to Phoenix then off to fabulous Las Vegas as I loop around back to my home in the bay.   After I get in the new year I will post up to let you know how it all went.

Stay Tuned



Thanksgiving in Arizona!!

Gladly this year I made it back home to Arizona for Thanksgiving. It was really great to be back for the first time since Japan for the Holiday.
My brother(left)and Lil Rick(right), we were very lucky to have Lil Rick with us this year. He is in the Marines and had a little time off to make it home and spend time with the family.

My younger and older brothers just goofing off, I guess too much turkey and stuffing got the best of them...........LOL
A Couple of my Auntie's in the above picture with my cousin, so much family I didnt have time to capture them all............

By now mother told me to put the camera away and start eating............I guess no choice......by the way in the picture above is one of her prized cakes she made from scratch......hhhmmmm delicous.......

It was great being home for Thanksgiving I wish I had a chance to share more with u but I guess this will have to do!!!!! Now for the real fun, it is time for me to start enjoying my Turkey Dinner!!!!
Happy Holidays yall!!!!!!


Still here in America

Hey!!!!  I am still in america, settling back into America especially in the hustle and bustle of California, has been tougher than I thought it would be.   So far I have a home now...HOORAY!!!!  I found a great one bedroom apartment in Hayward that I am totally in love with.  It is very spacious, with large patio glass doors to let all the light in, just the way I like it.   I still have some boxes to unpack (yes I know.....) and eventually get some furniture in there, but all in time.   

Currently its been a careful balance of work life and home life.   I have been doing lots of travelling and meeting all kinds of new people with my new job here.  It is great but in a sense, I actually miss the comforts of being in my new home in California.   None the less, the big question lies whether or not I should continue this blog???????

I am not sure what to think about it?!?  My main goal was to share as much as I  could about Japan but now I am back in the U.S.  be it travelling though.......hhhmmmmm.  What do you think?  Should I continue this blog? Let me know........ if you are still reading this now.........

Please vote on the Poll on the left side of this page.  I will be checking the  results and make my decision from there!!!!!



Hey guys, it is that time. I know I have gone for a while and been ultra busy packing up my stuff. But the day is here where I go back HOME. As it stands My schedule is crazy. This past thursday the movers came and boxed the large items and packed ALL my stuff in a little truck parked outside. What sucks now is that for that night and the night after I will sleep on an air mattress. got a little burned out on the air mattress deal when I just got here so I am back at it again.

Nonetheless this post will be short and more details on the my travels will come soon. See you guys in AMERICA.

Home Sweet Home



Before I forget not sure if you checked the video section on the left of this blog but I posted some videos of the street fair we had in town. Taiko drummers.

Sorry for not posting the actual video player in the post, but you can simple click it on the left.



Yes its that time to make another blog. I just had my birthday this past 23rd of good ole July. It was great slightly a mixed bag of sorts for the day though. This is my last week in Japan and I have been sssssssooooooo busy trying to tie up loose ends close accounts and celebrate all at the same time, I have some pics hopefully I can post soon!!!! I am so in overdrive and paying the price for it now by going to bed early tonight (kind of.....LOL). None the less I am over the hill now turning the big 3 0!!!!! I cant believe it my self but I welcome it with open arms. Now that my time in Japan is over AND I am now 30. What a way to start the next chapter in my life at an age that can be redefining and now in a new country with I have always called home. America here I come!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails and e-cards to wish me the best for my birthday. It really means a lot to me that I recieved those from you, more than you. I know they were all heart felt especially during these times when communication is difficult being in a different country and all....... And of course but not least, to Mr. Luis for sending me an actual B-day card!!!! In fact if it was the lottery you would have the jackpot since you were the only one who actually went old school and perfectly timed the card's arrival just one day before my birthday (Japan time). Thanks

Another post coming soon with more details on my leaving, got to go back to packing .........

all the best



TDL: ==> Tokyo Disneyland!!!!

This post is a bit late but on June 13 it was a company holiday so as a last hurrah for a big trip, some of the co-workers mainly Morikawa-San, my teacher and trainer took me out to Tokyo Disneyland. it was great and here are some photos of the trip.
Here is my ticket it is all official. A group of five came to TDL for the day. We were so lucky because of all the rain during the week but today was a beautiful day, and quite warm, with not a cloud in the sky.
TDL is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, so it was even more of a special time to go. There were extra parades throughout the whole day, and severl memerabilia to commemorate 25 years of Disney in Japan. Despite the picture above ONLY Hitachi had a holiday this day (Friday) so the park was not that crowded. This was the best as all people who know who go to amusement parks are the long lines just to get on a ride, but using speed pass for the lines and not being crowded this day made the park that much more enjoyable.

Myself and Morikawa-San. It is actually hard to have these folks crack a smile so this picture was especially dripping with cheesy smiles!!!!

I was going for a sexy shot but someone had to stick their hand in the pic..........lol

Only in Japan do people leave baby carriages parked neatly in a row befre they step into stores. Take a close look at this picture above, there is a whole bunch of personal belongings left there with no one in sight watching................ the safety...... and honesty.,...... I will surely miss this about Japan!!!!!

Here is the castle a bit different from the one in USA but yet very large and magnificient.

Another post another day, more photos coming soon about TDL plus videos!!!!!!!



For youngsters only!!!!

I am sure you guys heard about this in the news about these high pitch noise makers that are made to scare away rodents and other creepy creatures from your home. Well the new version is supposed to fend of young folks from hanging around the front of your building or street corner. At first I didn't really buy into it until I accidentally came across a set of them. They actually work!!! Suppsedly it doesnt bother older folks due to not having as sensitive ears as the younger generation hence - the name "Teen Repellent" an average age of twenty somethings and younger can only here this thing. I will admit it is quite annoying and sounds like you have a bug buzzing inside your ear. After a minute I couldnt take it any more and left........

who knew?!?!?!?



Spring is in the air!!!!

A cherry tree in blossom around these parts. I stopped in Tokyo for some fun and passed through a park which had trees in bloom among other things such as the palace and tribute to one of the Japanese Emperors in history.
Plus the statue just looks cool!!!
The stark contrast of concrete versus nature.
The Tokyo Imperial Palace (Kōkyo (皇居, Kōkyo?)) is the imperial palace of Japan and the residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and is close to Tokyo Station. It is roughly the size of Central Park, which has an area of 3.41 squared kilometers.
After the
Meiji Restoration and the resignation of Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last Tokugawa shogun, the Imperial court moved from Kyoto to Tokyo and the former Tokugawa stronghold of Edo castle became the residence of the emperor (the Kyoto Imperial Palace was preserved). From 1888 to 1948, it was called Kyūjō (宮城, "palace castle"). The palace precincts include the Three Palace Sanctuaries (Kyūchūsanden, 宮中三殿).

I found it!!!! I knew it was some where but I finally found Godzilla!!!!!!

The Tokyo Imperial Castle and park was a great experience, how amazing it is to find a hidden gem in such a big city as Tokyo!!!!
Spring forward and dont look back!!!!!LOL



Road Trip: Fukuroda Water Falls

The small township at the base of the waterfall.

Click for the menu in the player to see all my videos *NewStyle*

The Fukuroda Waterfalls are located at the upper stream of Taki River、 a tributary of Kuji River.The sheer immensity of the falls。、 120 meters in height and 73 meters in width

With a height of 120 meters and a width of 73 meters, the "Fukuroda Falls" are one of the most renowned, vast waterfalls in Japan. The waterfall is also known as "Yodo-no-Taki" (四度の滝) since it drops down over four cascades. It is also said that this other name came from a remark uttered by Saigyo-hoshi (a Buddhist priest and famous poet in the Heian era) when he visited this spot: "To appreciate the true tastes of this spot, one has to visit it in each of the four seasons." The falls offer their unique attractiveness in each season—tender greenery in spring, echoes of splashing sounds in summer, tinted leaves in autumn, and an entirely frozen waterfall in winter. Presumably, many literary artists or calligraphers were deeply impressed by such a variety of beauty that turns as do the four seasons.

A smaller falls locatted higher up as I started scaling the mountainside. The aire was very fresh and crispy but still sunny.

Higher in the trail were some stairs that led to the tip top of the mountain side with an awesome view of the surroundings land.

I found a temple with no one in sight, almost a little creepy to see a place so serene and quiet.

Coming down the other side of the mountain was thick with pine trees. It almost reminds me of a place in my country.

The road trip was nice and the day made out to be just the perfect weather for hiking and sightseeing!!!


My Aunt Millie

I have written about my Aunt Millie in a previous post about her passing away, and I wanted to share her memory with you. I have just received her obituary from my sister today. Written in the pamphlet is a memoir of her life and how she has come to be loved in our family greatly.....

Millicent Gladys Cadogan, affectionately known as "Aunt Millie" was born on March 1, 1920, in Belize City, Belize. She was the second youngest of seven children born to the late Joseph Nathaniel and Ina Gladys Cadogan.

Millicent accepted Christ at an early age. She was a member of the Methodist Church in Belize. She continued in dedicated service to the building of God's Kingdom till her death in April 21, 2008.

Millicent received her formal education in Belize City, Belize. In 1956 she was offered an opportunity to visit the USA with her best friend, Evadne Cacamore. Millicent advanced her education in the field of Nursing. She pursued her passion for helping and comforting others. Millicent retired from California Hospital and her passion was manifested as she comforted and cared for the needs of others. She enjoyed cooking and entertaining during the holidays, welcoming everyone and ensuring they were all comfortable and had plenty to eat.

Millicent Gladys Cadogan met and later married MacArthur Little on October 21, 1961. She was a dedicated wife, companion and confidant.

In the early 1960's she joined Hamilton United Methodist Church. Millicent was a devoted and active member. She attended worship regularly and engaged in stewardship and service. Among other things, she was a member of the United Methodist Women (UMW); Prayer and Bible Study Group and participated in the feeding of the homeless and the hungry on the fourth Saturday of each month. Millicent participated in the Summer Vacation Bible School. During her early years of membership, she was a member of the Sanctuary Choir. Millicent was active in many community organizations and auxiliaries, including the Trustee Board of the now defunct Caribbean and west Indies Credit Union.

Millicent was preceded in death by her husband, MacArthur Little; sisters, Loretta, Elsa, Rachel, Edith and brother James.

Her memory will be cherished by her beloved brother, the Rev. Dr. L. Claude Cadogan, Kingston, Jamaica; several nieces, nephews; relatives and friends.



Japanese Beyonce

Hope you like it!!!!



Hi-Tech Toilet Tutorial

This is a great video that I couldnt have explained any better myself!!!!




Door to Door

I hope the paper given is not as rough as the paper he is trying to sell!!!!!



Da Blooze......

Hey folks whats up? I know its been a while since my last post but a lot of sudden and not so encouraging news came my way in the last weeks..... So I have been a bit to myself and contemplating about all kinds of things. Sometimes when hearing about things that are not too positive in life, your head tends to spin with imaginative ideas of what could be, or what should have been.... Not to ramble on in this blog though, I have been thinking of my family these days and what makes my heart a bit sore these days is that my Aunt Millie passed away. She is one of the last of the kind of people who had a heart of gold. One of the things that I clearly remember, was Thanksgiving!!!! When I was young and living in Los Angeles, it was every year that ALL of us in the family would get together at her house. It didn't matter how you were, who you were, if you were family or even a close friend there was always room. What made it so special was that it was like how you saw it on TV, lets say the Lifetime channel for the folks who know about that channel. It was always warm and fuzzy and the togetherness we had at the time, especially discovering new additions to the family that remained hidden until that time -- something that has not been the same from the time that my father passed away...... I always tried to live in that moment as much as I can especially during the holidays and make them that special, just the way I remembered them with my Aunt. Things are definitely not the same anymore I understand that, and folks do get old including myself but, its those moments in time that last in my soul.
Just something I wanted to express these days. Relating on such a level from where I am makes it difficult at times.

I promise my next blog will bring a brighter note.......

She and others are in my prayers.



A new way to peel a banana!!!!

I couldnt resist!!!!!!



Japanese Wedding

Hey!!!! Another post another day. A past weekend ago I was invited to a Japanese Wedding. One of my coworkers, which is also a great hanging buddy of mine finally tied the knot! I was flattered and humbled to be included to support and participate in this exciting time for him. The newlyweds Takeuchi-San and Mizue Hashmito were officially married April 5, 2007. Their wedding style was more of a modern (Westernized) type, as how we would know, with a traditional white dress and the guys in tux and suits. The dinner party was also great which the invitation was for as pictured above. I know they went all out for the wedding it looked dreamy! What was great was that they even had bingo with, several prizes from wine, to tickets to Tokyo Disneyland! I won a bottle of Japanese rice wine. HHOOORRRAAAYY!!

The style of the dinner party was in context the same as the ones I have been to in America, except that there isn't any dancing or some kind of DJ spinning records in the background. It was more of a family style dinner, it reminds me a lot of how my family gets together sometimes and we just chat and are reminded of funny stories of the past with lots of jokes in between phrases. The dinner party had taken place at a restaurant, and was closed to the public for the night. We were served several types of food from Japanese traditional food to some Hawaiian dishes and I saw a couple plates that seemed a bit on the Chinese side of things too. Interestingly enough after the dinner the after party had taken place at a karaoke box. Personally I never thought I would still end up back in karoake for a wedding night party but it was fun anyway. One thing I did notice that caught me by surprise is that the professional wedding video and family photo picture movie, was already on display by the evening with the sad sappy music to go with it! Also lets not talk about the pictures. I was little dumbfounded that the videos and the pictures were in the groom and bride's hands before the night was up, that is what I call service......

All in all I had a wonderful time and I just wanted to say again congratulations to you both for a new life together full of love and bliss, and hopefully with lots of juniors running around!!!!!!!


(at the time of this writing I didnt have any pics to show but I will try and get some.)


Kyoto Fall ==> 2007 Part Two

So many pictures so many places so these will be just a highlight of the trip. The best of the best!!!!!!

Stone Garden which is kept in order on a daily basis from the time this temple was established hundreds of years ago.
Ni-Jo Jo Castle, very very big and spread out, unfortuneately there was a lot of stuff on the inside that cameras were not allowed so this and the the outside grounds area was as much as I can show......darn!!!!!

Click on the picture above to see the intricate detail I tried to capture on camera. Amazing!!! All wood by the way.

This is the bullet train we had taken to and from the city of Kyoto. Very slick fast and smooth, it was unbelievable. Overall the trip was great and I have never seen such diversity that Japan had especially all in one place!!!!

What trip!!!!!