Thanksgiving in Arizona!!

Gladly this year I made it back home to Arizona for Thanksgiving. It was really great to be back for the first time since Japan for the Holiday.
My brother(left)and Lil Rick(right), we were very lucky to have Lil Rick with us this year. He is in the Marines and had a little time off to make it home and spend time with the family.

My younger and older brothers just goofing off, I guess too much turkey and stuffing got the best of them...........LOL
A Couple of my Auntie's in the above picture with my cousin, so much family I didnt have time to capture them all............

By now mother told me to put the camera away and start eating............I guess no choice......by the way in the picture above is one of her prized cakes she made from scratch......hhhmmmm delicous.......

It was great being home for Thanksgiving I wish I had a chance to share more with u but I guess this will have to do!!!!! Now for the real fun, it is time for me to start enjoying my Turkey Dinner!!!!
Happy Holidays yall!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

cool thanks for posting pics.


Anonymous said...

hey bro, this is your lil bra, cool pics, hope to see the chrismas pictures, cant wait to see them thier beautiful pictures,and I voted yes keep the blog going in case you did'nt know.