Mt. Fuji -- Part One

The last couple weeks have been very busy for me but I haven't forgot about my multi-part series on the trip to Mt. Fuji!!!!

It was a group of six co-workers that showed up for the trip early Saturday morning. We were to meet at the office at 6am. It was going to take about 4 hours to reach the foot of the mountain.

I was very careful to make sure I didnt take too much or not enough. I had rain suit/windbreaker, with two extra pairs of socks, shirts, and underwear. I also brought some snacks and plenty of water, with gloves, a hat and of course my ipod for tunes.

Thanks to the courtesy of Hitachi High Technologies Japan we managed to use the company van for the trip.....hooray hooray......freeeeee!!!!!! We rounded up the folks and packed up for the road trip.

Many hours later, fighting traffic and all, we finally got a glimpse of the journey ahead. The Saturday we went was a beautiful clear although hot and humid day. From the looks of the mountain I am sure the climate would change when we near the peak of this dormant volcanoe.

Two girls from the job who went on the trip from left to right, Nishimoto-San and Nakajima-San, just a cheesy plug for their favorite rice chips. What was interesting is that the bags started inflating more and more as we increased in elevation (less air pressure) until they popped by themselves!!!

Finally we made it to stage three of the mountain. There are ten stages total with stage ten being at the peak, we started gearing up, before we take a bus to stage five of the mountain. From left to right are the other members, Miyaki-San, Furiki-San, and Morikawa-San.

I was too sexy to put on my gear yet so I waited until stage five......besides 100% humidty a bit much for me to cover up yet..........Next stop Stage FIVE!!!

to be continued stay tuned...........

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