Mt. Fuji -- Part Two

To continue where I left off.

Hey folks I am back from a very nice week long vacation. It was Ohbon week in Japan. Basically a collection of holidays that lasted a week so I vacationed with the rest of them plus a great buddy of mine from the Bay, Luis showed up so we burned the midnight oil in Tokyo!!! I know I have neglected the site for a week - ish but I am back in full gear now!!!

Well after a short bus ride we arrived at Stage Five campground. I was shocked on how many people were there, from what I hear many people just go this far, any thing higher than this would require hiking shoes.

Many shops were here, so I perused around for a bit before we got together for lunch. It is always good to get a good meal before a hike. We managed to get some hiking sticks, all of us got one with bells and flag, plus our first stamp which is for Stage Five. The guy at the store also gave us a quick lesson on how to hold the stick while climbing up and down the mountain. You hold the stick slightly under shoulder height while climbing up and when climbing down you hold the top of the stick. (this advice paid well during the hike by the way!!!)

Well after lunch, we finalized our plans and gear and now the journey to the top begins......

To be continued.....

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