Mt. Fuji -- Part Four The Lodge

The climb from the 5th to the 6th station is over an enormous ash field, which formed during a recent eruption in 1707. Mountain huts at the 6th, 7th and 8th stations operate during official climbing season and also provide warm food (curry rice, ramen, soba, drinks etc).

Still trucking along here, looking back the scenerey was breathtaking. We were very lucky to take the trip on the weekend that we did. The weather was great and low and behold the major typhoon that was going to hit Japan happened only two weeks later from this trip.

Some of the shots came out very well, you can tell our height on the mountain by the clouds in the background of this picture.

The lack of air pressure the higher we got was noticeable on this bag of chips. Unfortuneately the bag blew up before we made it atleast to the lodge (Stage 8).

Our 3000meter marker. Hooray, progress is actually being made!!!!

If you notice I am fully geared up now. The higher in elevation the colder it got. Just to think it was sooo hot and humid at base camp but making it out to Stage seven things were getting quite chilly.

We took a break around stage Seven before continuing. these lodges were interesting to see. Very basic and they stick to the term of a lodge in its true definition, or more so like cabins. They have light and water which was great.....

Mountain huts are dotted along all stations on the Kawaguchiko trail, as well as the summit itself, selling basic climbing gear (sticks, flashlights, raincoats), drinks and candy (¥250 for a Snickers bar). You can pay to have an official seal burned into it marking your arrival at every station, making a handsome souvenir, which of course is what I did every chance I could get.

We are getting somewhere when the clouds start showing up below you.

The terrain was starting to get steep and rocky. It was little tricky sometimes because of so much loose gravel and rocks.

Nishimoto-San was looking to see how much further up we needed to go, it was getting dark now. We started feeling a bit homeless and getting a bit tired.

Night got to us by the time we made it to the lodge level, but thank goodness, we have finally made it. If our feet didnt pulsate so much from the hike we would jump for joy!!!!

Our first meal at the lodge, not the tastiest dish in town, but dammit when you're hungry and tired it tasted like five star quality food!!!

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