Victimized............toil and trouble!!!!!!!!!

Hey I am still here and alive. I have been victimized!!!!!! I have spent the past four days trying to recover my PC. Lets just say I was websurfing in the wrong part of internet town (for reasons I will not tell u!!) and picked up a virus I couldn't get rid of. I was trying hard to fight it I tell ya! But dammit the freaking bug kicked my azzzzzz. So I had to recover, and I do mean recover everything, my pc has just had a major over haul to get rid of the sucker!!!!!

So far so good though (still looking behind me....) I think I am in the clear. So with that said two things I must tell you, keep your virus programs active and running and also MAKE A BACK-UP!!!! Not many people actually have back-ups but they come in handy for these kind of situations take my word for it. Thank GOD I have a backup of all my precious files and especially music. A lot of you know how much of an audiophile I am!!!!

I am brave enough to enter Internet town again and stay on my side of the tracks (for now)......... I have one last part of MT. Fuji that will be posting very soon. Yes I said it correctly the last section of the trip. And of course there is so much more to talk about that has been going on in the land of the rising sun too......

stay tuned........


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