Mt. Fuji -- Part Five --The Peak--

Well tired as hell we had to get up at two in the morning so we can get to the peak before sunrise. So off we went back up on the mountain. The time we stayed in the lodge totaled about five or so hours, from the time we stepped in to the time we were ready to go.

The lodge is literally what it is.... the meal we had which wasn't too pleasant wasn't too hot either. The attic was where we stayed among several other people lined like caskets!!!!

We were assigned a number which was etched on each pillow so that was our sleeping spot for the night. Woooooooooh! Let me tell ya, I couldnt sleep a wink too much shuffling and snoring. The bed was hard, I think I was sleeping on a tatami mat?? But very warm up there which felt nice. For those of you who want to know, I kept my packing light so I didnt sleep with much on..........;)

Tried to smile for the camera but I think you know how I can get in the morning..... just a bit cranky!!!

It was deathly cold up there being a couple stages fom the peak, lots of fog. Keep in mind how hot and humid it was at the base which was only hours ago.....

Short break before we can continue, it was a bit tough to wake up and get going.... plus we had to shuffle through the hoards of people who were trying to get to the peak as much as we wanted to.

A Mt Fuji glamour pic!

Click on the pictures above and below to get a better idea of the scenery and tons of people on the same trail.

Finally the fog started to clear up a bit when the sun broke through. What we were beginning to see was breathtaking.....

This one came out real nice I couldn't have done a better job with it.

Not much more to go. It was like walking in the desert, the end can be seen but was really far up ahead, this was starting to be a breaking point for some of the crew but dammit we kept together!!!

The final gate to the heavens above Japan, of course we had to wait in line so this part had taken some time to cross, but once we did a joy came over all of us that we have made it to the top, the highest point in Japan, and we were there, we ARE there!!!

After we had crossed the final gate a pillar stood between us and the peak, the final marker to officially say we are at the peak.

It was kind of cool to see a small village resting on top of the mountain, that kind of came out of nowhere. I almost felt like I stepped into a medieval movie or something......... I was just wondering how the heck do they have water and electricity up here. There were lots of shops and souveneir joints in the village plus a temple for praying to the almighty Buddha. Lots to see up here.

The crater was huge. I couldnt believe it when I saw it. After the fog cleared up the peak was a sight to see and looking out beyond the peak was a sea of green and blue.

From what I was told a small hill lied ahead with this structure and it is the absolute tip of the peak. Of course this is a kodak moment.......

Team Fuji!!!!!!!
In full control

The End........ for now....Fuji-San: Mission Completed!!!

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