Only in Japan!!!

I finally got the last part of the Fuji trip together. Posting soon. But here is something to hold you over. These videos are only in Japan, by Japan hope you like them.

glumbert - Only in Japan: The Cucumber Slicing Car

Drifting is alive and well awesome!!!!

glumbert - USA vs Japan in the open a beer bottle with a helicopter contest

Now tell me who are the announcers rooting for?????

glumbert - Japanese Table Cloth Yanking Competition
The best for last. By the way the guy who does the dance at the end is a major ( and I do mean MAJOR) celebrity here!!!!



Anonymous said...

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laynee said...

Hello Jamil!
Truly enjoyed your blog diary and the YouTube was a wonderful idea to include. It was nice to hear your voice and to see movement, giving a feeling of closeness. Remember to always remain steadfast and prayerful.........Miss you much your Sis

jam78ilc said...

Thanks sis I really appreciate it especially during the holiday season coming up......