Batter Up!!!

There is so much I need to post but little time, so lets start with one weekend I had participated in the compay softball tournament. Yes I know you probably thinking its a bit cheezy but hey I got have something to do.......right!?!

Notice the gear I was wearing, I was ready for this. One bright crispy Saturday a competition between three Hitachi departments playing softball. It was Applications (thats my team), design group and sales department.

It was actually quite fun, oddly enough only the guys played, lots of girls were present but they comprised of the cheerleeding team.

The game was pretty intense after everyone warmed up the first couple innings the playing level and proffessionalism of the sport had gone up ten fold. You can see how serious people got in the game, by watching the videos below.

Just in case you had any doubt I didnt strike out at bat!!! I was bit rusty but not inexperienced.....

This is not my boss, it is the head of the sales team, they had won the cup for the day. DAMMIT!!! But all in all it was in good fun, the sales team are a different breed of folks versus design and applications but I figure the thought of all of us coming together for some saturday fun is something we can all learn from, when it comes to work ethics in Japan and America. After the games a commencent dinner followed, in Japanese style, lots of beer and sushi!!!

All three departments - Group Photo

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