Crochet and More!!!!

I will be starting a favorite links section for all the personal celebrities in my life who have internet websites. The first one I will introduce to you has been listed which is a friend and neighbor of mine in Hayward. She has a site devoted to crochet crafts of various styles and apparel. I had modeled a gift that she has made for me on my Christmas posts. For more details about the gift you can click here. To support and view many of her creations and the latest and greatest check out her site on the left.

Thanks Cay!!!!!!!!!



cay said...

OMG, Jamil! I feel so honored. Miss ya too. Cay

jam78ilc said...

Thanks Cay, its been put to good use lately we have been hovering about in the 20s over here.....bbbbrrrrrrr.......cold!!!!

laynee said...

Hey lil brother,
Yes, it is apparent that it is cold over there. I know you are not use to this kind of weather considering Arizona's heat is blistering hot. However, Nothern Cali can get cold at times but not like the cold you are experiencing. Don't worry this too shall pass......... Stay faithful and you are always in my prayers.........love you, elaine

jam78ilc said...

Thanks Elaine