Politics Galactic

Hey folks, I have been torn away and mesmerized by all the news feeds lately with the ongoing primaries for the Democratic nomination. I just cant believe the year we are having in America. It is funny that I only imagined this type of race would happen for a woman or a black man to run for the presidency. It is crazy and extremely exciting to see how all this unfold. I didnt want to get too political here on my blog but it is just something I wanted to make a statement about.....

I mean really, just to think that any of these two candidates could REALLY be the President of the United States of America is something that I never thought I would live to see. To be honest I am still kind of stuck in the middle on who I would compeletly favor. I relish the fact that a black man as President would be too good to be true and at times I still have my doubts that would even happen!!! But in reality who would be the better President? Clinton, we know her and her husband's style, they are not perfect, but in my opinion they had one of the better runs in this country (atleast in my lifetime) than anyone else. She is stong and I can really see that what she says is what she will do. But on the other hand Obama represents the change of status quo, which would inlcude Cinton and her strategies for policy plus bringing "change" to "business as usual" at the Hill........ so much to think about...... and gee whats up with the superdelegates...... goodness if there isn't any thing more to consider...... not sure if you guys know but the youngest superdelegate is 21!!!!!! A true fact that this young man has a significant vote in deciding the nominee......... although I am miles away when history is in the making on American soil, I can only say what a year 2008 is...... what a year!!!!!

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