Tokyo International Anime Fair Part One

I read in the newspaper that the International Anime Fair was coming for the weekend. So I decided what the heck! It would be nice to experience something new and different. I have been to comic and animation festivals before but this trip was by far completely unique.

Two hours later by train from my home I arrived in Tokyo at the convention center called "Tokyo Big Sight." From the looks of the building it was a big sight indeed. The architecture of the building was strange and beautiful. It looks like something you would only see in Sci-Fi films. The actual convention had taken place in a building on the ground floor, but for part of the building that hovered above by upside down pyramids was something great to stare at while I was waiting to get in.
My mouth just dropped when I saw the line. I actually made it in town roughly an hour early but I never thought I would see a line like this just to get in. It was crazy, you can feel the energy in the crowd craving to get it in. From what I heard people arrived from 6 in the morning, although the convention doesnt begin until 10am!!!

It had taken over an hour waiting just to get to the front door. Waiting in line wasn't so bad though since there was a convenient store literally 10 steps away and a ticket lady was floating around selling tickets, so basically you can shop while you wait, without getting out of line..........very nice.......

Finally made it in!!!!! At first the crowd inside wasn't so bad so I had a chance to really check things out, up close and personal.


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