Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 Part Two

After finally making it inside there was a lot of eye popping characters and bright colors for every booth presented at this convention. It was quite a surprise how crowded everything was. In the beginning it wasn't so bad to move around , so I had taken the opportunity to take as many photos as I could.

Who remember's this classic, in the picture above???????

No Anime convention could be complete without "PlayBoy Bunnies" hosting the Anime Casino within the convention. They were actually using real money to gamble on the slots, Pachinko and a host of other table games!!! I wanted to join in on the fun but the line was very long and there was still so much more to see.

The Tweety bird of the future. You guys saw it here first!!!! This collectible retails for more than 20,000Yen ($200US).

Anime heroines, these types of characters (female mainly) are the most popular and sexually provacative. Unbeknownst to a lot of people there is even underground X-Rated Anime with the same types of characters doing things that I cant mention on here!!!!

Transformers making a come back especially with a modernized Transformer movie recently released in Japan robotic characters will be back in style!!!!

Well thats all folks!!!! There was so much more to see, but a few hours into the convention, taking pictures was pretty difficult. People kept coming in through the doors and had gotten soooooo crazy and crowded, people began pushing to get through, so by that time, it was my que to leave the building!!!!!!

The feeling and energy from this convention was very exciting and bright, the essence of it was quite different from other animation conventions, this one felt charged up and electrifying!!!!


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