News Flash for the Concerned!!!!

I am sure there were lots of open ears and eyes this weekend on the news. One for the typhoon that hit Japan and second for the earthquake. Lets just say first that I am okay. The Typhoon came and went by us, it was headed for Tokyo but curved out to sea instead, so basically lots of rain on Sunday, a bit gusty but for the most part the storm was not severe (atleast in my area). This weekend was a 3 day weekend and because of the rain and the typhoon scare most of my time was stuck at home......total bummer...... you can read more about it here:

The earthquake I didnt even know happened. It turns out that the quake wasn't too far from here, on the other side of the island it was about a 6.0 magnitude. It happenned about 10:30am local time, I was up, maybe taking a shower at the time but didnt feel a thing.......

no worries!!!!

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