Surprise what surprise???

On the last blog I spoke of a surprise. Well the surprise is that I am going to hike Mount Fuji in two weeks. The last weekend of July will be the big trip. I basically mentioned to the folks at work (trying to make friends right!?!), "oh yeah lots of places I want to discover, like Kyoto, Nagoya and Mt. Fuji." Well they kind of lit up to the liking of Mt. Fuji and next thing I know they were in planning stages for it. Oh my god, I said in my head it is for real, so I am totally excited about it! The timing couldn't be more perfect it is official climbing season for Mt. Fuji so we scheduled for July 27 - 29, it will be a group of seven(so far). This weekend I am taking for preparation and get some gear for the trip although previously I wanted to go to Tokyo, that is now on the back burner.......

More details after I get from my trip on this.
I will bring my camera, hopefully it will survive the journey okay.

Wish me luck hiking to the peak!!!

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