Pics of the new Pad......

Ok Ok Ok..... you guys asked and I shall deliver here are some pics of my place in Japan!!!
I am sure all of you have my new address now, if not please email me and I will give it to you.

First off this picture here is a little misleading, this is the rearside of the building, my apartment is on the opposite end showing here, first floor. The neighborhood is very quiet and this is actually a residential road about a block or so in from the major road, so the apartment is actually quite comfortable for me and private.

From the patio looking towards the entrance. Note the makeshift table and chair out of luggages and cardboard, kind of sucks but thats until the rest of my stuff gets shipped in........hopefully just a few more weeks!!!!

View from the kitchen side towards patio. If you look carefully at the top picture the patio is used for hanging out clothes to dry. Something I just started doing........I miss my dryer already!!!

Shots of the kitchen taken here, the space is about typical, mind you the place was completetly unfurnished. The microwave is a "Hand Me Down" from a co-worker. I had to buy the fridge - I got a good deal for it at a second hand shop!!!! That was the best place I even bought a washer there too. The second hand shops in Japan are NOTHING compared to the U.S. The quality and conditions of all their appliances were better than I expected. The guy who sold them to me, delivered and installed them for me and tossed in a free box of laundry soap(delivery was free too). Take that Maytag!!!!!!

The bedroom is just big enough for a full size bed and nothing more!!! Luckily the closet is very deep. Practically a walk in closet so it helps for storage. The plastic storage bins are actually behind the shirts that are hung in the closet..... some of that could of been used for the bedroom.....

The bathroom is great it is a 3 room layout. The picture shows the sink and the washer (second Hand, made by Hitachi) the door handle on the left side is the toilet room. on the right side of the bathroom is the tub and shower. Very nice features, there is a super duper control panel to ventilate the shower room, blow hot air for clothes drying (if its raining outside), fills the tub automatically and keeps it hot for you, for Japanese style bathing...... the tub is not american full size but big enough to get my head and toes wet at the same time.

All in all I like the apartment very much and will continue to make this pad as comfortable for me as possible, for it will be my home for the next year or so.

more updates coming.......... I have some big news but that will have to wait for the next post..........


meowmix said...

What's the big news?????
Besides it's your birthday on the 23rd of this month.
Or you could be pregnant?
He he
I liked the pictures a lot and look forward to you posting some of your neighborhood.


jam78ilc said...

thanks Meowmix. I like the gift and card, it means a lot to me especially being out here.....stay tuned for big news on the surprise....