So far so good......

Hey folks so much has been happening the first few weeks of my stay in Japan, it is troubling to think where I should begin? Lets start with the first week.

The jet lag was in full gear so I tried to tackle it head on. I have met the whole company and then some during this time plus several meetings, meetings for registration, meetings for meetings.....etc....

Here is a place the co-workers had taken me to for the official welcoming party. There are actually seven new people joining this department including myself. I am the only american national, though, most of them were from other parts of Japan and China. This location is a bowling alley, tennis, game center, miniature golf all in one!

It was actually great fun we began with an official opening and each person was presented and introduced. As each person is introduced they stand out in the bowling alley, then we were all supposed to open the bowling games together by bowling the first ball all together, I could lie and say I made a strike but I came close!!!! We all played two bowling games then adjourned to a private room for a dinner reception. I had met all kinds of people including the prez of the company. Many gifts were handed out for high scores and appreciation awards.

My boss in Japan is shown here, he has helped my transistion to Japan and is continuing to do so while I have been here. The people in this country are NOTHING like the American Japenese, I have never felt so welcomed before especially in the presence of people I have never met before.

Some of the pics are kind of fuzzy sorry about that I am still trying to work out this groovy cell phone they gave me.



Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you

meowmix said...

happy birthday to you
we in america miss you

jam78ilc said...

Thank you!!! I really appreciate it.