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Hey folks whats up? I know its been a while since my last post but a lot of sudden and not so encouraging news came my way in the last weeks..... So I have been a bit to myself and contemplating about all kinds of things. Sometimes when hearing about things that are not too positive in life, your head tends to spin with imaginative ideas of what could be, or what should have been.... Not to ramble on in this blog though, I have been thinking of my family these days and what makes my heart a bit sore these days is that my Aunt Millie passed away. She is one of the last of the kind of people who had a heart of gold. One of the things that I clearly remember, was Thanksgiving!!!! When I was young and living in Los Angeles, it was every year that ALL of us in the family would get together at her house. It didn't matter how you were, who you were, if you were family or even a close friend there was always room. What made it so special was that it was like how you saw it on TV, lets say the Lifetime channel for the folks who know about that channel. It was always warm and fuzzy and the togetherness we had at the time, especially discovering new additions to the family that remained hidden until that time -- something that has not been the same from the time that my father passed away...... I always tried to live in that moment as much as I can especially during the holidays and make them that special, just the way I remembered them with my Aunt. Things are definitely not the same anymore I understand that, and folks do get old including myself but, its those moments in time that last in my soul.
Just something I wanted to express these days. Relating on such a level from where I am makes it difficult at times.

I promise my next blog will bring a brighter note.......

She and others are in my prayers.


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