Kyoto Fall ==> 2007 Part Two

So many pictures so many places so these will be just a highlight of the trip. The best of the best!!!!!!

Stone Garden which is kept in order on a daily basis from the time this temple was established hundreds of years ago.
Ni-Jo Jo Castle, very very big and spread out, unfortuneately there was a lot of stuff on the inside that cameras were not allowed so this and the the outside grounds area was as much as I can show......darn!!!!!

Click on the picture above to see the intricate detail I tried to capture on camera. Amazing!!! All wood by the way.

This is the bullet train we had taken to and from the city of Kyoto. Very slick fast and smooth, it was unbelievable. Overall the trip was great and I have never seen such diversity that Japan had especially all in one place!!!!

What trip!!!!!


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