Japanese Wedding

Hey!!!! Another post another day. A past weekend ago I was invited to a Japanese Wedding. One of my coworkers, which is also a great hanging buddy of mine finally tied the knot! I was flattered and humbled to be included to support and participate in this exciting time for him. The newlyweds Takeuchi-San and Mizue Hashmito were officially married April 5, 2007. Their wedding style was more of a modern (Westernized) type, as how we would know, with a traditional white dress and the guys in tux and suits. The dinner party was also great which the invitation was for as pictured above. I know they went all out for the wedding it looked dreamy! What was great was that they even had bingo with, several prizes from wine, to tickets to Tokyo Disneyland! I won a bottle of Japanese rice wine. HHOOORRRAAAYY!!

The style of the dinner party was in context the same as the ones I have been to in America, except that there isn't any dancing or some kind of DJ spinning records in the background. It was more of a family style dinner, it reminds me a lot of how my family gets together sometimes and we just chat and are reminded of funny stories of the past with lots of jokes in between phrases. The dinner party had taken place at a restaurant, and was closed to the public for the night. We were served several types of food from Japanese traditional food to some Hawaiian dishes and I saw a couple plates that seemed a bit on the Chinese side of things too. Interestingly enough after the dinner the after party had taken place at a karaoke box. Personally I never thought I would still end up back in karoake for a wedding night party but it was fun anyway. One thing I did notice that caught me by surprise is that the professional wedding video and family photo picture movie, was already on display by the evening with the sad sappy music to go with it! Also lets not talk about the pictures. I was little dumbfounded that the videos and the pictures were in the groom and bride's hands before the night was up, that is what I call service......

All in all I had a wonderful time and I just wanted to say again congratulations to you both for a new life together full of love and bliss, and hopefully with lots of juniors running around!!!!!!!


(at the time of this writing I didnt have any pics to show but I will try and get some.)

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