Kyoto Fall ==> 2007

The last big trip of 2007 was Kyoto. A very beautiful and historic city full of Japan's culture. The trip covered three days however here is a snapshot of the trip with video's. Takeuchi-San and Furiki-San lead the way on this expedition over five hours away from our home to this end of the country to explore.

Kyoto Train Station. Very big and very Hi-Tech looking. In a way it was kind of strange see this style of a building when the entire city focuses on preserving an "Old Style Japan" look.

Raccon dogs and Me!!!!!

A very deep and tall bamboo forest in the Kyoto area. Very beautiful and never know that bamboo can be so tall and big!!!!

The weather was superb and surprisingly warm for this season. The famous Kyoto Tower Hotel pictured above, usually a classic icon of the Kyoto Area and have been seen on many sites and postcards about Japan.

to be cont.......


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